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Welcome dearest readers!!!! This is Suzannah Safi’s blog, I’m a multi-published romance author. You will find all romance genres I write here, I hope you will like what I write.

I wanna talk about Carol Peterson my Beverly Hills gal. One thing in Carol’s life crumbled around her, and the rest of her world followed. Are you with me so far, I mean who doesn’t have a problem or two in their life, right?

Well, the Peterson’s are rich beyond richness (I wish I was LOL), and in one day, they were doomed beyond redemption (I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy).

She’d never imagined in her wildest dreams to force herself to marry a man not only twenty years older than her, but to marry a man she’s not in love with. Had never imagined that prison awaits her father, and Carol is his only savior. Gambling is not her father’s forte; still, he took a risky chance. That’s when Leander came into her life and ends it. (Hmmm, I really don’t wanna be in her place now)

One chance left for her to enjoy her young life, a fantasy to the forbidden, and she took it. Carol planned a fantasy, but didn’t count on the adventure to be beyond her plans. (Really now, I don’t blame her, do you?)

Now, Leo is a French, made in heaven man and is about to show her what she is missing in her life, how it feels to be in paradise. He will not judge, argue, or ask her to do things to him. He will serve her, please her, and well…lick you like fire licking wood…I mean lick her like fire licking wood.

Here is an excerpt from Beyond a Planned Fantasy, I hope you’ll enjoy ;)

Carol paced the marina searching among the bobbing mass of yachts for the Dragon Boat. Her escort’s terse instructions directed her to the third yacht on the left. Squinting against the sunlight, she spotted the familiar snow-white yacht and her heart sped with anxiety. A white flag decorated with a red and black dragon fluttered above the mast—the recognized symbol of the famous Twin Dragon’s club.

Carol breathed deep, inhaling the salty air that rallied into her nostrils. She felt her heart rate pick up as she walked slowly toward the boat, every step heavy, as if an unseen force weighted down her forward progress, its clarion call a warning of what was to come. The hem of her short white dress swirled around her thighs, urging her to continue forward. The morning’s soft breeze fondled her hair.

She simply had to do this. Or did she?

Being in the hands of a handsome escort could prove to be dangerous territory. How would her husband-to-be react if he found out what she was about to do? She reached up to touch the thin gold chain around her neck, her fingers tightening on the simple diamond engagement ring she wore. The thought of her sacrifice to save her father from prison drilled in her brain, a painful reminder of the necessity of this single act.

Her feet carried her to the yacht’s stairs. Slowly, one step at a time, she climbed. Shaky fingers curled around the cold banister and her sweaty palm left behind a wet mark on the rail. On the yacht deck, Carol paused and took her sunglasses off. The dark window of the cabinet reflected her desperate, wide-eyed expression as she scanned the polished wooden deck but kept their secrets.

“Hello,” she called in a shaky voice that wavered with doubt.

Carol stepped toward the center of the yacht. Her fingers caressed the fabric of a blue-striped chair prominently positioned. Her gaze slid over two glasses, and a tankard filled with yellow liquid and ice stood next to it on the table. She licked her lips to the anticipation of a cool drink that would wet her dry throat.

“Bonjour, Carol,” a deep throaty voice with a French accent startled her from behind.

She swirled around; her scarlet hair flew into her eyes, blocking her view like a heavy curtain. Her escort’s French accent was easy to recognize.

“Hi,” she replied weakly. Her fingers struggled with her hair as the soft breeze toyed with her locks, still obscuring the stranger’s features.

His footsteps moved closer, and he stopped an inch from her body. Carol could hear his soft breathing, could feel the heat radiating from his body. Thick fingers trailed the strands of hair away from her face slowly, and the trace of his warm touch sent small vibes up her spine. Her breath hitched as her view cleared. Her gaze elevated upward and locked with his wolfish hazel eyes guarded with thick black lashes.

“I’m your escort,” he whispered

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