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Sway Me with Lust by Suzannah Safi

Erotic romance short story in e-book
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Available: April 01, 2010
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

When Lilly Reed and George Bradley embark on a romantic getaway, romance is found in the most unexpected places. For weeks George had been trying to bait Lilly into swinging, yet her lack of sex drive resists him. But on this unusual trip, Lilly’s eyes open up to a world of fantasy she never knew existed. Rafael Sander, a mysterious stranger, rescues the couple after their car breaks down and brings them to his home where George enjoys the company of Gilda, the roommate. Left to his charming devises, Rafael manages to open Lilly up to the world of passion—and regret—as the following morning leaves Lilly empty when she has to leave. The big question remains as George and Lilly drive home: Will anyone ever compare to the way Rafael made her feel? And will she find her blue-eyes lover again?

Excerpt(adult content):

“Yes, fight me harder.”
And she did. She slapped the ground and kicked while his hands seized her body like a cobra’s hold. She couldn’t escape. Although his hold was tight with a hint of pain, the pleasure she found was tremendous.
They struggled and they both rolled to the hot pond. He grabbed her from the back and secured her hands above her head, and with the other hand, he closed on her waist, her legs opened with his. She felt the smooth skin of his hard flesh enter her gradually.
He shoved in her hard and deep.
The walls of her vagina milked him desperately. “Ah,” she screamed, not from pain, but from the enormous pleasure that went through her insides as his thick rigid flesh filled her to the fullest. She was like a glove to his flesh.
“Oh you are wild!” he urged under his breath as he, too, gasped for air.
He pulled himself out of her, flipped her to face him and pulled her up. Lilly circled her feet around his waist and he slid his erection inside her again, inch by inch. With each thrust, he took his time to feel it, to make her feel his thick flesh and then rocked her in a slow melodic rhythm.
His gaze focused on her eyes. She read the craving that lingered in the flecks of the gold within them. Lilly was his dessert for the evening and he planned to eat her all by himself. He shoved his lips to hers and sucked on her tongue hungrily. A detained cry escaped her throat.
He freed her lips and continued with soft kisses to her ear. “Yes, scream your lungs out. No one will hear you.”
His throaty voice resonated into her throbbing ears as if he was so far away yet so close. In her. On her. Around her. His hard fast thrusts became faster, deeper and harder. Lilly wailed, not caring about anything other than that moment. Her orgasm neared its peak and through it, his swollen flesh continued to flex inside her, still hard and delicious. She shuddered with pleasure that seeped through her body. Each thrust penetrated deeper, with intense strokes milking every electrifying wave that coursed from her. He pulled out of her, threw her on her back on the fur near the pond and started to lick her juices.
“I came…I can’t,” she breathed.
“Yes you can. A woman can come again and again. I’ll not leave you until I spill all your juices.”
Her juices were spilled. She writhed under his tight grip, but he didn’t let go. “Oh, please I can’t.” But he didn’t listen, she forgot she said please, the word to continue. He took his time licking until she reached another urge to fuck him again and she smiled, pleased. This second time took longer for her to get there, but the torture was more excruciating than before. “Hell, please. You are killing me.” Through her screams, her heart thumped so violently that even the beats of her heart pulsated in her cunt.
“My intension is to kill you with pleasure,” he breathed...

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