Sunday, May 22, 2011

Women's Expo - August 6th in Atlantic City

When I learned about the Women's Expo event that will take place at the Atlantic City Outlets in the heart of Atlantic City on Saturday, August 6, as a promoter, I immediately saw an opportunity to promote my books and author name.

The event is for one day and they are having many activities, goodies, food, books, cloths, entertainments, and information that appeal to all types of women. The Entertainment Stage will feature Fashions Shows, The Colgate Country Showdown, magic shows and other live entertainment.

I invited two authors to share a booth with me, and we all are going to showcase/sell our books there. I live in Atlantic City and I know how the Outlets area in the summer will be packed with all kind of tourists. A DJ from Cat Country Radio station also will announce our table and talk briefly about our books and ask tourists to visit our table, which is really exciting.

If any author is interested to book a booth, contact me and I will send you the name and contact info of the organizer.

Hope to see you there. Lots of goodies are prepared for this event. I'm also preparing a special Issue from Cocktails Fiction Magazine to advertise the participants books. The magazine will be one mini disk given out as a gift to whoever visit our table, or buy a book from us.