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Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine issue 2

What will the issue contain?

Fiction in all its genres, gossip, free stories, interviews, and all you can think of.

This magazine is meant to be fun for readers to enjoy. Know new authors and interact with them here on my blog. It’'s FREE, every month I will publish a new issue for you to read and have fun with new articles. You can download the free PDF or read it online. Here you can leave a comment and share your opinion.

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Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine is now live!!!!

What will the magazine contain?

Fiction in all its genres, gossip, free stories, recopies, interviews, and all you can think of.

This magazine is meant to be fun for readers to enjoy. Know new authors and interact with them here on my blog. It’'s FREE, every month I will publish a new issue for you to read and have fun with new articles. You can download the free PDF or read it online.

Here is the link

Suzannah Safi

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Announcement in regards to 1RomanceEbooks

Announcement in regards to 1RomanceEbooks : In the next couple weeks, 1RomanceEbooks will become . The same great romance stories, the same great romance authors and publishers, the same great customer service... They're just changing their name.

1PlaceForRomance is their new website name:

1PFR has a Facebook:

1PFR is on Twitter:

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Adrenaline Rush - Rule Breaker by Suzannah Safi

Now you can purchase 'Adrenaline Rush - Rule Breaker' an erotic romance short story from my website for only $1.25
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Fantasies are made to be enjoyed. Wouldn’t you want to live a forbidden lifestyle, if not in reality, in a fantasy? Well get your sleeves rolled up because I have a short story for you to win at Treasure Maze Contest along with two stories by two talented authors included, also an exclusive interview with each author is included as a bonus in the free e-book.
I would like to chat with you about my new short story that is exclusively in the contest to all the winners. If you are into Hot Erotic Romance then continue reading…

This story is about Celia, a strong lawyer, a woman who would order and be obeyed in the working world. Some of us are that type, strong and demanding and some aren’t. Upon one of the researches that I did about personalities and how people react and behave, I found some women (not all, don’t jump on my throat LOL) or the majority who are strong, are eager to be submissive in bed that is, not submissive in relationships in general. It was an interesting research, love the fact that you research for something and end up finding more than what you dreamt of.

Celia, my heroine, leads a fantasy lifestyle with her boyfriend Aden when in one night they were abducted!

Meet the abductor, Antwan. Celia described him as a man who just jumped out of a wrestling magazine. Broad chest, rippling muscles yet smooth, six feet of total sexy package.

A Blast of a new fantasy she had never experienced, a lifestyle she didn’t know she would relish. Antwan's talents extend to breaking every rule known to women. He is a man who will change her life forever. Now, Celia is finding the simple thrill of vanilla isn't enough to satisfy - and she doesn't mean ice-cream ;)

Adrenaline Rush ‘Rule Breaker’ is the name of my new erotic romance short story in a new erotic romance line I’m calling it 'Adrenaline Shots'.

Adrenaline Rush ‘Rule Breaker’ is about a woman who didn’t know that she wanted more than what she had. Watch the trailer here

My question for you here just for fun: What is your fantasy? Come on don’t be shy.

I wish you the best in winning the free e-book and my other prize a signed print copy of my paranormal romance novel ‘This Time You Are Mine’ rated Best Book by LASR.
To know more how to win many prizes for the month of September 2010 go to Treasure Maze Contest!

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Wow Digeus System Optimizer!

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I have Digeus Software, and I tried it on my computer since I surf the net a lot for my stories research. I found this software to be a necessity to my laptop's safety. It's my true opinion about this software and thought of sharing it with my readers and fellow authors. Here is the link to the software if you wanna check it out Digeus System Optimize

P.S I formed my opinion of Digeus Software after using it, I received no funds to place a review of the product. Just my two cents here.

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The Winner is!!!!

Congratulations to Armenia who won a signed paperback copy of 'Worth Every Breath' a contemporary romance by Suzannah Safi

Friday, July 23, 2010


Welcome dearest readers!!!! This is Suzannah Safi’s blog, I’m a multi-published romance author. You will find all romance genres I write here, I hope you will like what I write.

I wanna talk about Carol Peterson my Beverly Hills gal. One thing in Carol’s life crumbled around her, and the rest of her world followed. Are you with me so far, I mean who doesn’t have a problem or two in their life, right?

Well, the Peterson’s are rich beyond richness (I wish I was LOL), and in one day, they were doomed beyond redemption (I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy).

She’d never imagined in her wildest dreams to force herself to marry a man not only twenty years older than her, but to marry a man she’s not in love with. Had never imagined that prison awaits her father, and Carol is his only savior. Gambling is not her father’s forte; still, he took a risky chance. That’s when Leander came into her life and ends it. (Hmmm, I really don’t wanna be in her place now)

One chance left for her to enjoy her young life, a fantasy to the forbidden, and she took it. Carol planned a fantasy, but didn’t count on the adventure to be beyond her plans. (Really now, I don’t blame her, do you?)

Now, Leo is a French, made in heaven man and is about to show her what she is missing in her life, how it feels to be in paradise. He will not judge, argue, or ask her to do things to him. He will serve her, please her, and well…lick you like fire licking wood…I mean lick her like fire licking wood.

Here is an excerpt from Beyond a Planned Fantasy, I hope you’ll enjoy ;)

Carol paced the marina searching among the bobbing mass of yachts for the Dragon Boat. Her escort’s terse instructions directed her to the third yacht on the left. Squinting against the sunlight, she spotted the familiar snow-white yacht and her heart sped with anxiety. A white flag decorated with a red and black dragon fluttered above the mast—the recognized symbol of the famous Twin Dragon’s club.

Carol breathed deep, inhaling the salty air that rallied into her nostrils. She felt her heart rate pick up as she walked slowly toward the boat, every step heavy, as if an unseen force weighted down her forward progress, its clarion call a warning of what was to come. The hem of her short white dress swirled around her thighs, urging her to continue forward. The morning’s soft breeze fondled her hair.

She simply had to do this. Or did she?

Being in the hands of a handsome escort could prove to be dangerous territory. How would her husband-to-be react if he found out what she was about to do? She reached up to touch the thin gold chain around her neck, her fingers tightening on the simple diamond engagement ring she wore. The thought of her sacrifice to save her father from prison drilled in her brain, a painful reminder of the necessity of this single act.

Her feet carried her to the yacht’s stairs. Slowly, one step at a time, she climbed. Shaky fingers curled around the cold banister and her sweaty palm left behind a wet mark on the rail. On the yacht deck, Carol paused and took her sunglasses off. The dark window of the cabinet reflected her desperate, wide-eyed expression as she scanned the polished wooden deck but kept their secrets.

“Hello,” she called in a shaky voice that wavered with doubt.

Carol stepped toward the center of the yacht. Her fingers caressed the fabric of a blue-striped chair prominently positioned. Her gaze slid over two glasses, and a tankard filled with yellow liquid and ice stood next to it on the table. She licked her lips to the anticipation of a cool drink that would wet her dry throat.

“Bonjour, Carol,” a deep throaty voice with a French accent startled her from behind.

She swirled around; her scarlet hair flew into her eyes, blocking her view like a heavy curtain. Her escort’s French accent was easy to recognize.

“Hi,” she replied weakly. Her fingers struggled with her hair as the soft breeze toyed with her locks, still obscuring the stranger’s features.

His footsteps moved closer, and he stopped an inch from her body. Carol could hear his soft breathing, could feel the heat radiating from his body. Thick fingers trailed the strands of hair away from her face slowly, and the trace of his warm touch sent small vibes up her spine. Her breath hitched as her view cleared. Her gaze elevated upward and locked with his wolfish hazel eyes guarded with thick black lashes.

“I’m your escort,” he whispered

Now I have one question to you all. Did you like the excerpt form ‘Beyond a Planned Fantasy’ and why?

I’m giving away a signed copy of ‘Worth Every Breath’
to one winner. Please leave a comment to enter the drawing to win! Beside my prize to one winner (You), the more comments you leave on the tour, the better your chances of winning the grand prize—a Sony E-reader!
Readers who leave a comment here will need to REGISTER to win prizes. Include your participant number in the comment you leave to be entered for a chance to win

Have fun! And good luck!!!!

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My Sun...Your Shadow by Suzannah Safi

To all vampires’ lovers, lick some sexy fangs and make a wish. Cat Mckibben wakes up one night to find herself chained to a bed at the will of a mysterious dark stranger. Yet his allure is more than she can handle as he entices her to follow him down a path of self-revelation and self-indulgence. When given to her fantasies, Cat finds the stranger more powerful than she imagined--...and his identity is revealed as Dracula. Set out to take a queen, Dracula informs Cat that her secret heritage makes her the predestined queen. A Dark Fantasy Thriller Romance, Vampires. Cat faces a decision--to stay with Dracula and enjoy a vampire's life teeming with sensual bliss, or the alternative fate that awaits her when she wakes up once again in her former nightmarish reality… Available now from extasybooks ISBN: 978-1-55487-574-0 Pages: 50 Flame Rating: 3 Flames = Scorcher Cover Artist: Angela Waters Release Date: 06/01/2010 Genre: Dark Fantasy Thriller Romance, Vampires

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beyond a Planned Fantasy

Beyond A Planned Fantasy by Suzannah Safi contemporary erotic romance novella length (25,000 words) Heat Level: let's just say you MUST be 18+ Carol has one thing on her mind when she creates a fantasy encounter—revenge. Then, her escort, Leo, pushes her boundaries as he introduces her to forbidden desires. She's only booked her fantasy man for the weekend, never planning on seeing him again. What she doesn't know is that Leo has a plan of his own and his own need for revenge. Carol may have wanted only a weekend fantasy; she ends up with more than she'd ever bargained if she can only trust her heart and her fantasy man.

Excerpt: (Adult content)

“No! Wait.” She shivered, tears sliding down her cheeks without warning. Surprise shadowed in his eyes, then he hugged her and squeezed her body closer to him. “Shhh, cherie. I won’t do anything that you don’t want.” Still shivering in his arms, she held on to him tight. Carol didn’t know why she stopped him. She just did and couldn’t find the courage to continue. “Please not here, not now.”

“Okay, we’ll stop.” He gave her an assuring peck on the forehead. Carol relaxed and allowed Leo to guide her toward the stairs. As he helped her climb, Carol felt relieved that he did stop when she asked him to. As soon as her feet landed on the surface of the yacht, Leo followed and wrapped her in a white towel. She held the cloth tight against her body as if holding onto her honor. Pink flushed her cheeks as Carol was embarrassed by the way she must have appeared to him—so virginal. Suddenly, her lack of honesty with the club’s services came back to haunt her.

How would he react to the news if he found out? What would happen if her French god found out that she’d never been with a man? “Come with me.” She held his stretched had as he guided her to the same chair she sat on previously. Wanting to sit he stopped her with a gentle pull. “No, sit on the table.” Confused, she stood still and gave him a long stare.

“Take off the towel, and sit on the table, please.”

Her eyebrows rose in confusion. “But, my clothes?” “Trust me on this, cherie,” he drawled. The point of trusting or not had passed. She looked at the table and heaved.

“Okay.” “Let me have the honor.” He grabbed her waist and helped her as if she was a small doll. His hands nudged the towel off exposing her naked. A rush of cold and hot sensation enveloped her exposed skin. She swallowed hard as she noted a flicker of admiration in his eyes. He leaned closer, pushing himself between her legs.

“Can I kiss your lips?” She stole a glance searching for Noel, which was nowhere near her line of view. “Please do.” He grabbed a chair, placed it behind him, then pushed her back. “Relax on your elbows.”

“Why?” she panted. Leo tilted his head to the side and quirked an eyebrow. “Promise not to stop me; I will not fuck you now if that’s what’s worrying you.” She leaned back and rested on her elbows as he requested, after all, playing sex games was the reason for her being here, wasn’t it? Fully exposed to his lingering gaze, the cool wind brushed her skin making her nipples erect. Aching. Wanting. Arousal filled her veins. She closed her eyes as he sat on the chair, knowing that he was savoring her exposed labia. She sighed, letting herself free. The feeling of being free without any boundaries satiated her with a rush matched a roller coaster ride. He grabbed a leg and nibbled on her mid-calf, tickling her. A smile escaped her lips as the sensation of joy rippled through her entire body. His lips sailed along the length of her leg, warm tongue slithered on her inner thigh, closer, closer…he reached where her leg joined her hip, and that was when she opened her eyes.

“You said you will kiss my lips?” she asked dazed by his kisses.

His hazel eyes shot her a seductive glance. “I didn’t say which one.” And he dived in on her.

Available now from

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Sway Me with Lust by Suzannah Safi

Erotic romance short story in e-book
Published from:
Available: April 01, 2010
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

When Lilly Reed and George Bradley embark on a romantic getaway, romance is found in the most unexpected places. For weeks George had been trying to bait Lilly into swinging, yet her lack of sex drive resists him. But on this unusual trip, Lilly’s eyes open up to a world of fantasy she never knew existed. Rafael Sander, a mysterious stranger, rescues the couple after their car breaks down and brings them to his home where George enjoys the company of Gilda, the roommate. Left to his charming devises, Rafael manages to open Lilly up to the world of passion—and regret—as the following morning leaves Lilly empty when she has to leave. The big question remains as George and Lilly drive home: Will anyone ever compare to the way Rafael made her feel? And will she find her blue-eyes lover again?

Excerpt(adult content):

“Yes, fight me harder.”
And she did. She slapped the ground and kicked while his hands seized her body like a cobra’s hold. She couldn’t escape. Although his hold was tight with a hint of pain, the pleasure she found was tremendous.
They struggled and they both rolled to the hot pond. He grabbed her from the back and secured her hands above her head, and with the other hand, he closed on her waist, her legs opened with his. She felt the smooth skin of his hard flesh enter her gradually.
He shoved in her hard and deep.
The walls of her vagina milked him desperately. “Ah,” she screamed, not from pain, but from the enormous pleasure that went through her insides as his thick rigid flesh filled her to the fullest. She was like a glove to his flesh.
“Oh you are wild!” he urged under his breath as he, too, gasped for air.
He pulled himself out of her, flipped her to face him and pulled her up. Lilly circled her feet around his waist and he slid his erection inside her again, inch by inch. With each thrust, he took his time to feel it, to make her feel his thick flesh and then rocked her in a slow melodic rhythm.
His gaze focused on her eyes. She read the craving that lingered in the flecks of the gold within them. Lilly was his dessert for the evening and he planned to eat her all by himself. He shoved his lips to hers and sucked on her tongue hungrily. A detained cry escaped her throat.
He freed her lips and continued with soft kisses to her ear. “Yes, scream your lungs out. No one will hear you.”
His throaty voice resonated into her throbbing ears as if he was so far away yet so close. In her. On her. Around her. His hard fast thrusts became faster, deeper and harder. Lilly wailed, not caring about anything other than that moment. Her orgasm neared its peak and through it, his swollen flesh continued to flex inside her, still hard and delicious. She shuddered with pleasure that seeped through her body. Each thrust penetrated deeper, with intense strokes milking every electrifying wave that coursed from her. He pulled out of her, threw her on her back on the fur near the pond and started to lick her juices.
“I came…I can’t,” she breathed.
“Yes you can. A woman can come again and again. I’ll not leave you until I spill all your juices.”
Her juices were spilled. She writhed under his tight grip, but he didn’t let go. “Oh, please I can’t.” But he didn’t listen, she forgot she said please, the word to continue. He took his time licking until she reached another urge to fuck him again and she smiled, pleased. This second time took longer for her to get there, but the torture was more excruciating than before. “Hell, please. You are killing me.” Through her screams, her heart thumped so violently that even the beats of her heart pulsated in her cunt.
“My intension is to kill you with pleasure,” he breathed...

Published by
My website:

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Behind a Closed Heart-Free short story by Suzannah Safi

Take what people tell you with a pinch of salt. As an author I like to add spice to its recipe.

After a long day at work I wanted to meet with a friend in a bar-diner on 32street and Broadway in Manhattan. I sat waiting for her in the corner of the diner, and while I waited I examined the people around me. Looking, hunting for a character, or a story and that's when I saw him.

A man with broad shoulders, and short brown hair brushed back neatly. He was eating alone, looking into the space not his food, chewing but didn't seem to taste, or enjoy it. His eyes light honey color with a spark yet they had pain deep within them. His chiseled features told me he was in his thirties yet he looked as if he lived for eternity. Somehow I felt sad and wanting to go over his table and ask, "Why a gorgeous man like you is sitting alone?" Of course, that was a wishful thinking.

My friend came and rescued my little brain from its own exhaustion. But she noticed as we sat and ordered our food that I was peeking a glance at him every once in a while, then she looked at where I was looking and smiled. I had to ask the reason behind her smile; she said she knew the guy and she understood that I was not the only one, who was attracted to this gorgeous man. And she told me about him.

She said, "He always looks sad, his wife and him have problems. Everyone knew something wrong with their relationship, but no one knew what the problem was. He and his wife kept their problems to themselves."

Was he treating her badly, cheating on her? I asked many questions, and her answer was, "Not likely, the man never looked at any beautiful passing woman in his path. He is the most loving husband any woman could wish for, his wife never showed her affection toward him in front of people, and he always treated her as if she was the queen."

I formed an O and then squeaked, "You kidding me! I wish that." And I pointed at where he sat. "Was parked in front of my home, I would never let anyone ride him." The man was a MANLY MAN if you know what I mean.

She shook her head, and said she didn't know why. The author in me had to have an answer, even if I had to add some spice to this man's story. I can't tell you his real name, but I called him Adam Reed, and this is his story. This short story is free for my readers, but I have to warn you, it is a sad one, but with a HEA ending, wherever the ending may be ;)

To read the free short story 'Behind a Closed Heart' go to my website at

I would love to know your opinion, I welcome all your comments.

Thank you
Suzannah Safi

This Time You Are Mine: Paranormal Romance by Suzannah Safi

Miranda Blair, a writer about mysterious death cases, is investigating the death of a child, Marcas Wardlaw, which triggers strange visions that draw her to Wardlaw Castle in Scotland.

In her visions, she is Rose, lover of Duncan, who, centuries earlier, was burned alive. Now, inextricably drawn to the modern-day Wardlaw family, Miranda is shocked to discover that the family nephew, Mac, carries a secret from the past, he recognize her as Rose and vows revenge.

As she unravels the family secrets of the Wardlaw clan, Miranda must find the answer to her own past to fulfill her destiny in love, or she's doomed to repeat history.

Excerpt from
This Time You Are Mine

Mac’s grip on Miranda tightened and his body shookviolently. She didn’t know what was happening as he
moaned in agony. Dear God,what have I done? She struggled, unable to free herself from his grip.

“Mac, what happened?”she asked as his chest muscles tightened. He was sweating now, and the shivers had grown stronger. “Mac! Talk to me, what’s wrong?”

He inhaled sharply, then let her go as if stung by fire. Fear was etched into his face and his eyes were wide and watery. He moved away from her and ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry.I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me,but what happened?” she askedwith concern. She reached out to him,but he winced away from her.

“Nothing.”His chest heaved.

She was certain he was hiding something that disturbed him greatly, but what could it be? Surely not her book…the thought struck a chord within her.

Was that it? What was I thinking, letting him kiss me!

He was the man who wanted to stop her from publishing her book. She had come here to solve a mystery,to know the truth and to let her readers know it, too. Not to mention her need to understand her connection to the castle and why she was drawn to it. Love, lust, or whatever they were doing, was not in her plan.

Available now from

Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1926681-61-0
Published: December 2009
Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey

Worth Every Breath: By Suzannah Safi-ContemporaryRomance

When the lovely Annabelle from California takes on a job in York, London as a companion for an embittered, paralyzed Chris MacCloud who has lost his wife in an accident, she finds herself strangely drawn to his savage sensuality. But she must overcome not only his deep mistrust of love, which is inflamed by her uncanny resemblance to his late wife, but also withstand the wicked relatives who are scheming for his fortune.

Little does Annabelle know that at the end of this twisted trail of passion and deceit lies, in the words of a song she has written, "what I'm looking for….it's worth every breath."
Can Chris forget his past, can Annabelle win his trust and teach him to love again? And can she herself learn to forgive and forget?

Available now from


"Let go of me," she said, fearing what might happen next.

Chris tightened his grip on her back and drew her closer to him. Her wet blouse stuck to her body, and his broad, naked chest touched hers. Annabelle could feel his heart racing against her chest and his breathing grew faster.

"And what if I didn't?" His eyes didn't leave hers. "I didn't put you in this position. Your clumsiness did. I saved your life."

Obviously, he aimed to anger her so she'd leave. His serious tone held something else she didn't understand. She didn't know her body's reaction-whether she enjoyed the closeness of his body or churned by anger at his teasing.

No, she was definitely enjoying this.

Frustrated by her urge to kiss him, she said, shaking, " clumsiness! You're the one who dropped the soap! Besides, you left the bathroom floor all wet and-"

Chris grabbed her head with one hand and kissed her hard, the other hand securing her back to prevent her from escaping. He then softened his kiss, but somehow managed to convey the same hunger through it.

Did she fight? No, she didn't.

Paralysis conquered her, or she wished she could make that excuse. Annabelle never enjoyed a kiss like this before. His sensual lips drove her out of her senses, and her body melted against his. Chris released her in a gradual sensuous motion. When she opened her eyes, a victorious grin spread on his face. She knew exactly what he wanted her to feel in that kiss-that he could control and weaken her. If she hated anything in life, it was feeling weak and letting people like him know the extent of her fragility.

A devilish smile took over Chris's lips as he once more clasped her waist. When Annabelle arched away, he caught her jaw between his thumb and forefinger to hold it still. She stiffened, prepared to resist this time.

But he took her by surprise. His mouth barely brushed hers, a delicate touch that raised goose bumps on her arms. Playful, seductive lips toyed with hers, the kiss as tempting as sweets to a starving child. Until now, she didn't know how starved she really was. But his mouth feeding on hers made hunger knot inside her stomach-a hunger for the unknown and exotic.

Chris planted his lips on hers firm and sure, and her world wobbled around her. His fingers traced the line of her jaw in a whispery stroke left her skin heated and tingling for more. Pressing his thumb on her chin, he opened her mouth then plunged his tongue inside. She froze from the sudden intimacy, but he calmed her with his hand and stroked the base of her throat where her pulse beat erratically. Annabelle couldn't help relaxing beneath his soft touches.

He deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth as if it were made of honey he wanted to relish. With each foray of his tongue, he tasted and caressed her so provocatively she wondered about her sanity. Her pulse pounded in her ears. This disarming pleasure exceeded her expectations. Annabelle closed her eyes, surrounded in the arousing richness of his mouth exploring hers.

Tentatively, she slipped her tongue into his mouth. With a groan, he pulled her hips toward him. Exquisite pleasure raced from her head to the tips of her toes. He swept his tongue through her mouth as if he owned her. His hands cupped her buttocks, and he squeezed them hard.

This madness has to end.