Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beyond a Planned Fantasy

Beyond A Planned Fantasy by Suzannah Safi contemporary erotic romance novella length (25,000 words) Heat Level: let's just say you MUST be 18+ Carol has one thing on her mind when she creates a fantasy encounter—revenge. Then, her escort, Leo, pushes her boundaries as he introduces her to forbidden desires. She's only booked her fantasy man for the weekend, never planning on seeing him again. What she doesn't know is that Leo has a plan of his own and his own need for revenge. Carol may have wanted only a weekend fantasy; she ends up with more than she'd ever bargained if she can only trust her heart and her fantasy man.

Excerpt: (Adult content)

“No! Wait.” She shivered, tears sliding down her cheeks without warning. Surprise shadowed in his eyes, then he hugged her and squeezed her body closer to him. “Shhh, cherie. I won’t do anything that you don’t want.” Still shivering in his arms, she held on to him tight. Carol didn’t know why she stopped him. She just did and couldn’t find the courage to continue. “Please not here, not now.”

“Okay, we’ll stop.” He gave her an assuring peck on the forehead. Carol relaxed and allowed Leo to guide her toward the stairs. As he helped her climb, Carol felt relieved that he did stop when she asked him to. As soon as her feet landed on the surface of the yacht, Leo followed and wrapped her in a white towel. She held the cloth tight against her body as if holding onto her honor. Pink flushed her cheeks as Carol was embarrassed by the way she must have appeared to him—so virginal. Suddenly, her lack of honesty with the club’s services came back to haunt her.

How would he react to the news if he found out? What would happen if her French god found out that she’d never been with a man? “Come with me.” She held his stretched had as he guided her to the same chair she sat on previously. Wanting to sit he stopped her with a gentle pull. “No, sit on the table.” Confused, she stood still and gave him a long stare.

“Take off the towel, and sit on the table, please.”

Her eyebrows rose in confusion. “But, my clothes?” “Trust me on this, cherie,” he drawled. The point of trusting or not had passed. She looked at the table and heaved.

“Okay.” “Let me have the honor.” He grabbed her waist and helped her as if she was a small doll. His hands nudged the towel off exposing her naked. A rush of cold and hot sensation enveloped her exposed skin. She swallowed hard as she noted a flicker of admiration in his eyes. He leaned closer, pushing himself between her legs.

“Can I kiss your lips?” She stole a glance searching for Noel, which was nowhere near her line of view. “Please do.” He grabbed a chair, placed it behind him, then pushed her back. “Relax on your elbows.”

“Why?” she panted. Leo tilted his head to the side and quirked an eyebrow. “Promise not to stop me; I will not fuck you now if that’s what’s worrying you.” She leaned back and rested on her elbows as he requested, after all, playing sex games was the reason for her being here, wasn’t it? Fully exposed to his lingering gaze, the cool wind brushed her skin making her nipples erect. Aching. Wanting. Arousal filled her veins. She closed her eyes as he sat on the chair, knowing that he was savoring her exposed labia. She sighed, letting herself free. The feeling of being free without any boundaries satiated her with a rush matched a roller coaster ride. He grabbed a leg and nibbled on her mid-calf, tickling her. A smile escaped her lips as the sensation of joy rippled through her entire body. His lips sailed along the length of her leg, warm tongue slithered on her inner thigh, closer, closer…he reached where her leg joined her hip, and that was when she opened her eyes.

“You said you will kiss my lips?” she asked dazed by his kisses.

His hazel eyes shot her a seductive glance. “I didn’t say which one.” And he dived in on her.

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