Monday, August 30, 2010

Fantasies are made to be enjoyed. Wouldn’t you want to live a forbidden lifestyle, if not in reality, in a fantasy? Well get your sleeves rolled up because I have a short story for you to win at Treasure Maze Contest along with two stories by two talented authors included, also an exclusive interview with each author is included as a bonus in the free e-book.
I would like to chat with you about my new short story that is exclusively in the contest to all the winners. If you are into Hot Erotic Romance then continue reading…

This story is about Celia, a strong lawyer, a woman who would order and be obeyed in the working world. Some of us are that type, strong and demanding and some aren’t. Upon one of the researches that I did about personalities and how people react and behave, I found some women (not all, don’t jump on my throat LOL) or the majority who are strong, are eager to be submissive in bed that is, not submissive in relationships in general. It was an interesting research, love the fact that you research for something and end up finding more than what you dreamt of.

Celia, my heroine, leads a fantasy lifestyle with her boyfriend Aden when in one night they were abducted!

Meet the abductor, Antwan. Celia described him as a man who just jumped out of a wrestling magazine. Broad chest, rippling muscles yet smooth, six feet of total sexy package.

A Blast of a new fantasy she had never experienced, a lifestyle she didn’t know she would relish. Antwan's talents extend to breaking every rule known to women. He is a man who will change her life forever. Now, Celia is finding the simple thrill of vanilla isn't enough to satisfy - and she doesn't mean ice-cream ;)

Adrenaline Rush ‘Rule Breaker’ is the name of my new erotic romance short story in a new erotic romance line I’m calling it 'Adrenaline Shots'.

Adrenaline Rush ‘Rule Breaker’ is about a woman who didn’t know that she wanted more than what she had. Watch the trailer here

My question for you here just for fun: What is your fantasy? Come on don’t be shy.

I wish you the best in winning the free e-book and my other prize a signed print copy of my paranormal romance novel ‘This Time You Are Mine’ rated Best Book by LASR.
To know more how to win many prizes for the month of September 2010 go to Treasure Maze Contest!

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