Saturday, September 24, 2011

New members in our family and Two Irene Hurricanes

I meant to blog about our new family member since mid-Jun, but due to many duties, I wasn’t able to do so. Now that I have a minute to breath, I want to tell you about my dear beloved kitty ‘Snook’!!!
Snook is now 6 months old, he was 2 months in the picture above, and he is unbelievably adorable. I did not have any intention to adopt a kitty because of my allergies, but one of my co-workers came to me and showed me his picture saying her niece got it home. My co-worker hates the cat; she hates all animals and cannot take it anymore, and she is looking for a home for the little fellow. Despite her rejection to having any animal in her house, still she had the heart making sure this kitty got a good home.
My friend and co-worker is one of the best women I have ever seen with her kind heart toward humans and animal, and that is why I respect the woman. Without mentioning names here, she is one wonderful woman.

So anyway, kindly I said, ‘Sorry, but I have allergies.’

My heart was pounding so hard I wanted to say ‘yes’ to the little fellow with the prettiest face ever. I was without cats for a long time, and I missed them so much

Note: cat lovers will understand.

Two weeks went by and no one wanted the kitty and the picture of the kitty, at the time his name was ‘Shy’, kept on circulating in the office and my eyes kept on following it and who would say yes, and in my heart I wanted to jump and say, ‘this kitty is mine’.

Finally, on Jun 20 I took the picture, and head home to show it to my hubby and ask him if it’s ok to adopt, Shy.

I said, ‘Happy Father’s day hun, I have a gift for you.”

I wanted to laugh as I saw the expression on his face.

At first, he had a what-the-@##@ look on his face, then a look that almost brought tears to my eyes- a fatherly look. The first thing he said ‘what’s his name or her name?”

I said, “Well, it’s a ‘male kitty’ and we are going to name him, but for now they call him Shy and he is not in a home that’s suitable for a kitty. They leave him alone all day and lock him in the bathroom all night because he won’t let them sleep.”

My hun said, “But you have allergies.”

It took one look from my eyes to tell him that ‘I don’t care, I want him’

Next weekend Snook was ours, and we love him so much we cannot see our lives without him; my husband and I became so attached to the little menace.

The second event that astounded me was ‘Irene Hurricane’, we live in Atlantic City and we are three blocks away from the boardwalk, which means we are near the beach. The whole city was called to evacuate.

A week before, my husband came to me and said, “There are kittens in the garage behind the house.”

We live on the first floor, which is one of the apartments in a house that is owned by a husband and wife 85 years old, and the sister in her late 70s - her name is Irene (take note). I went to the back to check on the kittens and found out that the mother and her kittens are locked in the garage. I went and knocked on the owner’s door and Irene opened the door - Irene is the sister of the 85 years old owners and in charge of their matters.

I told Irene, “Can you open the door so the Mama cat can come and go. She needs to eat and come back to feed the kittens.”

To my surprise, she said, “No, I have furniture I don’t want it to be stolen. I had it for thirty years and I don’t care if they die inside.”

I gave her the whole nine yards of right and wrong, animal rights, and being a human and fear God for crying out load lecture.

The woman left me with my fury and closed the door behind her.

These are the kittens with their Mother:

Now how could you think for a minute of killing such innocent souls?

Well, I did not think for long on how to save them and found a way and opened the door.

I was able to feed the mother solid food and milk and gave them clean litter.

Now the other Irene, ‘Irene Hurricane’ was on the verge of coming near and hit Atlantic City. I just could not leave the cats alone in the garage, although I secured their door, still I did not have the heart to leave them. My friend and co-worker offered to have us - my husband, Snook and me in her house for the time of the hurricane, which I was grateful for her offer, but just could not leave. I know, it is stupid and I do not recommend anyone to do so when you are ordered to evacuate. However, I stayed.

Let me tell ya, I was so scared. I never faced such hurricane before in my entire life. My husband said, “we will wait and see if the hurricane will hit land or not.’

We learned on Saturday that ‘Irene Hurricane’ will not hit land in Atlantic City, which made us somewhat at ease, although at the time I didn’t know what that meant clearly, a hurricane is a hurricane get-the-%#%&-out is what my brain was telling me, but my heart was saying, STAY.

We parked our car at the ‘Tropicana Casino’ and went home. I made food, got comfy and watched TV for the whole time the hurricane was roaring outside. I kept on checking on the Mama cat and the kittens the whole time, hurricane or not, rain and thunder or not, I did check on them making sure they did not flood. You should see how I blocked the opening at the bottom of the door; I think any soldier in the army would be proud.

The whole Iren Hurricane event went smooth, and all of us were just fine, thank God!

Next week, on Friday, another Irene exploded with rage- the Landlord’s sister .

For some reason, my heart was aching for the whole day, and I was worried sick about Mama Cat and kittens. I decided- I am getting them all into my house. I have a small foyer between my kitchen and the outside door, and there where I made it livable to all three.

I learned as I came home from work, that she discovered I was feeding them and exploded in my husband’s face at 8:00am on Friday while I was at work. She wanted them out. She finally left the door open, so they can go out and never come back.

My husband and I adopted the two kittens (Blacky and Bibi) as we got so attached to them, as for the Mama Cat I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with her, any suggestions as I can’t keep her too, if anyone would like to adopt Mama Cat please email me. She is a wonderful Calico cat and they are known for their kindness and lovable character. I checked with the shelter and they said that they will take her, and will not put her down ever. I wanted to check if anyone would like to have her before I send her, she is such a wonderful cat, she is probably one year old or so, she is kind and lovable cat.

However reads this article- please be kind to animals, and help them when they need your help. Saving a soul is rewarding in many ways you cannot even imagine.

If you have a story and like to share, please do.

Bless you all.

Suzannah Safi


  1. Suzannah, there is a place in heaven for you, I'm sure. Just so you know, I think any right-minded person would have helped these animals, but people are so strange, you never know. I live across the country in California, or I would be there in a heartbeat, even tho I have two cats, myself. I would say, send out emails, post ads on Craings List, at the grocery store, etc. It might help to have the cat neutered and her shots, if she doesn't. You can contact me at and I will be glad to contribute to having it done. I'm sure others will, too. Also I'll bet there's a vet who's willing to help at reduced fees. You are up for sainthood in my book, you and your hubby.

  2. Oh, Heather ~ thank you so much dear. I do not mind paying all her bills, if I find a loving home for her I will also provide supplies for a month and help with the doctor's bill. I will do as you advised, thank you so much!

  3. Sweetie,

    Heather is are an angel. Kat and I would take her but we are limited to how many pets we may have in our apartment. We have our max, two.

    Kat and I were called five times the day Irene hit...(BTW my former mother-in-law a harridan of equal wickedness as the sister you speak of is also named Irene)...our local Fema called us every half hour ordering us to evacuate. (We had to stop answering the phone.)

    No way were we going to go to a shelter and leave Spatz and Mama Bear, or dump them in an animal shelter where they'd be confused and feel abandoned. They are family and family deserves better.

    Like you, we rode out the hurricane. We had a bit more activity up here in Burlington County it sounds than you did, but we made it through, and our kitties snuggled in our laps where they knew they were safe and cared for.

    Love to you and your wonderful hubby.

  4. Hi Lin ~ thank you sweetie! I was so scared too; luckily, it went smoother in our area than other areas. It was scary, I'm glad you are ok. I will think of something for Mama Cat, she is sooooo kind I just love her. If I live in a home, I would keep her, her food and care is not a burden but my apartment is so small. Please if you know someone who can take her or if you can help spread the word, Mama Cat will be grateful. Thank you and Kat for being so kind and loving to you kitties. And thank you Heather again for offering to help. Bless you all.

  5. Thank you for your kindness to animals! You will be rewarded many times for your courage and love.

  6. Thank you, P.H. C.
    It is so good to feel that there are many who love animals and are kind to them. We learn from our pets how to love and be kind. Bless you!

  7. Wow. Good for you, Suzannah. As far as mom kitty, rescues are pretty much filled up but if you tell them your story and offer to foster her till they find her a home, they may be willing. Our shelter's a kill shelter, so shelters make me nervous.

  8. I have allergies and also adopted a cat two years ago from a shelter. I take Zyrtec daily and I sometimes sneeze a lot. But Binky is a sweetheart and I can't imagine not having her with me. Good for you for saving those little lives. Hopefully Mama cat will find a home and get spayed and live a long, happy nine lives.

  9. Thank you, Sandra and Linda~ I did talk to the shelter and offered to buy her back if they couldn't find a home but they said they don't do that. If I keep her outside, as she is an outside cat, and feed her would that be better for her. Not sure what to do. in the shelter she may have better chance in finding good home. Any advice on that?