Monday, July 22, 2013

Insatiable Hunger Book One in Vrykolakas the other Kin Series is now available!!!!

An interview with a rock 'n' roll star on a cruise-ship turns into a deadly nightmare.

As Jewel Henderson, a journalist travels to Athens; accidentally she takes the wrong Ship filled with Vampires, 'Other-Kin' called Vrykolakas. As her nightmare begins, her struggle to survive starts with a full force.
Draven, the son of his maker King Lykourgos, cannot but smell her blood demanding to have a taste of her insatiable blood and she is his for the taken. Jewel as an intruder, the King pronounce her death sentence. Despite his hatred for humans as he was one five hundred years ago, Draven battles between executing the order, and saving her life for his own amusement.
Jewel's only way to survive is to die, and Draven's only way to save his soul and existence is to keep her alive.  Is Jewel worth it for Draven to break the Vrykolakas' law and face the wrath of his King? Will she win her life, gain a new life, or maybe wish she were dead.
A spicy paranormal romance available now from MuseItUp Publishing ! Amazon and B&N

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  1. I love this book. I am hoping you will be writing more in this vein. It was a great read.