Sunday, February 28, 2010

Worth Every Breath: By Suzannah Safi-ContemporaryRomance

When the lovely Annabelle from California takes on a job in York, London as a companion for an embittered, paralyzed Chris MacCloud who has lost his wife in an accident, she finds herself strangely drawn to his savage sensuality. But she must overcome not only his deep mistrust of love, which is inflamed by her uncanny resemblance to his late wife, but also withstand the wicked relatives who are scheming for his fortune.

Little does Annabelle know that at the end of this twisted trail of passion and deceit lies, in the words of a song she has written, "what I'm looking for….it's worth every breath."
Can Chris forget his past, can Annabelle win his trust and teach him to love again? And can she herself learn to forgive and forget?

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"Let go of me," she said, fearing what might happen next.

Chris tightened his grip on her back and drew her closer to him. Her wet blouse stuck to her body, and his broad, naked chest touched hers. Annabelle could feel his heart racing against her chest and his breathing grew faster.

"And what if I didn't?" His eyes didn't leave hers. "I didn't put you in this position. Your clumsiness did. I saved your life."

Obviously, he aimed to anger her so she'd leave. His serious tone held something else she didn't understand. She didn't know her body's reaction-whether she enjoyed the closeness of his body or churned by anger at his teasing.

No, she was definitely enjoying this.

Frustrated by her urge to kiss him, she said, shaking, " clumsiness! You're the one who dropped the soap! Besides, you left the bathroom floor all wet and-"

Chris grabbed her head with one hand and kissed her hard, the other hand securing her back to prevent her from escaping. He then softened his kiss, but somehow managed to convey the same hunger through it.

Did she fight? No, she didn't.

Paralysis conquered her, or she wished she could make that excuse. Annabelle never enjoyed a kiss like this before. His sensual lips drove her out of her senses, and her body melted against his. Chris released her in a gradual sensuous motion. When she opened her eyes, a victorious grin spread on his face. She knew exactly what he wanted her to feel in that kiss-that he could control and weaken her. If she hated anything in life, it was feeling weak and letting people like him know the extent of her fragility.

A devilish smile took over Chris's lips as he once more clasped her waist. When Annabelle arched away, he caught her jaw between his thumb and forefinger to hold it still. She stiffened, prepared to resist this time.

But he took her by surprise. His mouth barely brushed hers, a delicate touch that raised goose bumps on her arms. Playful, seductive lips toyed with hers, the kiss as tempting as sweets to a starving child. Until now, she didn't know how starved she really was. But his mouth feeding on hers made hunger knot inside her stomach-a hunger for the unknown and exotic.

Chris planted his lips on hers firm and sure, and her world wobbled around her. His fingers traced the line of her jaw in a whispery stroke left her skin heated and tingling for more. Pressing his thumb on her chin, he opened her mouth then plunged his tongue inside. She froze from the sudden intimacy, but he calmed her with his hand and stroked the base of her throat where her pulse beat erratically. Annabelle couldn't help relaxing beneath his soft touches.

He deepened the kiss, exploring her mouth as if it were made of honey he wanted to relish. With each foray of his tongue, he tasted and caressed her so provocatively she wondered about her sanity. Her pulse pounded in her ears. This disarming pleasure exceeded her expectations. Annabelle closed her eyes, surrounded in the arousing richness of his mouth exploring hers.

Tentatively, she slipped her tongue into his mouth. With a groan, he pulled her hips toward him. Exquisite pleasure raced from her head to the tips of her toes. He swept his tongue through her mouth as if he owned her. His hands cupped her buttocks, and he squeezed them hard.

This madness has to end.

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